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"The easiest way to travel without a plane ticket? Open up a book, and skip the jet lag. The best travel books offer more than a checklist of tourist attractions. Rather, they intertwine sight-seeing with self-discovery...These timeless travel books are as relevant in 2020 as they were when they were written, and they all have one thing in common: they'll take you on a journey this summer and perhaps even change the way you see the world."

Oprah Magazine | 26 Best Travel Books That Will Take You All Around the World (featuring From Scratch)

Just over a year ago my memoir, From Scratch, entered the world and the overwhelming response from readers of how my story has resonated with their own stories, inspired me to create this course, From Scratch @ Home - Living Your Whole-Hearted Story with Tembi Locke.

During this self-study course we will discuss and explore the key themes of From Scratch - Resilience, Love, Grief, Family, Travel, Motherhood and Cooking, - all from the comfort of your own home.

This will be an inspiring, safe, compassionate and feel-good course for readers to connect to their inner self through cooking, grief exploration, resilience and to look at the roles of food in our life.

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During this course you will receive:

Weekly From Scratch Homework Reading Assignments

A Printable PDF with Weekly Reading Assignments and Journal Prompts, guiding you through the self-study program

Four Recipes and Wine Pairings

Five Check-in Videos from Tembi

Lifetime access to a private program curriculum and all course materials
ADDED BONUS! A 1-hour cooking demo with Tembi in her kitchen

From Scratch @ Home covers:

Section 1: “The Quest to Take Flight” How taking a brave leap into the unknown can propel us toward something beautiful.
Section 2: “Making Space” How allowing the space to rest, explore, dream, and forgive can change and heal our lives.
Section 3: “Resilience in Connection” Why our hardwiring for connection can actually be the springboard for our own resilience.
Section 4: "The Roles of Food in our Lives" How we can find healing, love, and comfort in the kitchen—experience this with Tembi as you cook a recipe with her, sip a perfectly paired wine and have a deeper discussion about one of the simplest joys in life - pasta.